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X App's Future: The Role of Cryptocurrencies in Musk's Vision

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Elon Musk’s groundbreaking application, known as the “Everything App” X, and the perplexing challenge of cryptocurrency payments. πŸ”—

Elon Musk’s X app (previously known as Twitter) is transforming into a versatile digital tool, and there is speculation surrounding the inclusion of cryptocurrencies in its upcoming payments feature. Although specific information remains undisclosed in the enigmatic style of Musk, let’s analyze the hints and delve into the possible consequences.

The Arrival of In-App Payment Solutions πŸ”—

The emergence of in-app payments is on the

  • By mid-2024, X is anticipated to introduce in-app payment services, creating a convenient and smooth transaction experience within the platform.

The current state of non-traditional fiat currencies remains uncertain.

x in app crypto

The Crypto Buzz: πŸ”—

The mere presence of a specialized XPayments account adds fuel to the fire. The account’s verified status and X badge subtly suggest an official and integrated functionality.

Crypto enthusiasts are actively speculating about possible inclusions, and Dogecoin (DOGE) and XRP are being considered as leading contenders. The previous interest shown by Musk in DOGE and subtle references throughout the X universe strengthen this speculation.

Is X undergoing a change in direction? πŸ”—

Tokenicer, a cryptocurrency researcher, has raised concerns about a considerable decline in the earnings generated from crypto-related material on X. This implies a potential departure from the crypto-friendly stance.

Deciphering the Complexities: πŸ”—


  • Is it possible that this is a temporary decline caused by the recently introduced revenue-sharing model for content creators? Or is X genuinely changing its position on cryptocurrency?

Excluding cryptocurrency from Musk’s ambitious vision for X, which aims to encompass “the ability to conduct your entire financial world” within the app, appears unlikely.

The Larger Framework: πŸ”—

In light of the given parameters

X’s potential incorporation of cryptocurrency payments carries substantial ramifications, capable of challenging established financial structures and granting individuals increased authority over their monetary affairs.

  • Nevertheless, undertaking such a step carries inherent dangers, including unpredictability, obstacles concerning regulations, and the possibility of compromising security.

is x only going to do the crypto or there is credit card in it

Anticipating the Future: πŸ”—

The feature of making X payments, whether with or without cryptocurrency, has the potential to greatly revolutionize the ecosystem of the application.

  • Although the confirmation hasn’t been received yet, the cryptocurrency community is still buzzing with excitement and carefully examining every tweet and meme in quest of concealed hints.

Main Points to Remember πŸ”—

  • X’s in-app payments functionality is on the horizon, but the integration of cryptocurrency still poses an intriguing enigma.

Popular candidates in the cryptocurrency realm include Dogecoin and XRP, driven by speculation and influenced by Musk’s previous endeavors.

  • The possible variations in income for creators prompt inquiries regarding X’s changing position on cryptocurrency.

Introducing cryptocurrency into a system would be a courageous decision with significant possibilities and unavoidable obstacles.

The ultimate conclusion of this narrative remains unknown. However, it is certain that Elon Musk’s X application holds the potential to revolutionize the digital realm, with its integration of cryptocurrency serving as a potential catalyst for the next significant transformation.